Rare Twin-Headed Snake Found In Kalyan

This is the second time that a twin-headed snake has been rescued at the Gandhara area in Kalyan.

Rare Twin-Headed Snake Found In Kalyan

The outskirts of Mumbai are known to be lush green and rich in biodiversity. As the human population is maintaining social distancing and mostly staying indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, a few wild animals and reptiles were spotted roaming freely around Mumbai and its adjoining regions in the last few months. Recently, a resident of Kalyan area found a rare twin-headed baby snake. 

Dimple Shah, a resident of Gandhara area of Kalyan, found a baby Russell's Viper snake near the gate of Ritu Rivers Building. Shah immediately contacted the team at the War Rescue Foundation. Nilesh Navsare and Prem Aher immediately arrived at the spot and rescued the rare snake. Both the rescuers and the foundation are working together for the conservation, protection and awareness of wildlife. 

On September 20 in 2019, a team from the War Rescue Foundation had rescued another two-headed Russell's Viper snake in the Gandhara area in Kalyan. At that time, the snake was handed over for research work at the Haffkine Institute in Mumbai under the guidance of the Forest Department. However, the snake died while the research was still ongoing. Yogesh Kamble, the President of the War Rescue Foundation team said that this is the second time in the same area, the snake rescuers had succeeded in saving the life of a twin-headed snake.

Last year, the research work at the Haffkine Institute was incomplete due to the untimely demise of the rescued snake. Now, as per media reports, a scientific study of this newly rescued two-faced snake will be conducted and re-registered by the Deputy Forest Conservator of Forest Department Jitendra Ramgaonkar and Forest Range Officer Vaghere. 

Following this, a wildlife researcher and secretary of the War Rescue Foundation Team Suhas Pawar has said that a Reptile Research Paper regarding this phenomenon will soon be released on a global scale.