Swine flu and leptospirosis circling in Mumbai air

Swine flu and leptospirosis circling in Mumbai air

Swine flu is in the air and unfortunately, in the month of July, five people lost their lives in the space of 15 days.

Last year, in the month of July, only one patient was diagnosed with Swine Flu but this year, around 250 cases have come to light.

Between January to July, 672 cases of Swine Flu have been registered out of which 22 people have fallen prey to the flu.

According to the data received from the Municipal Health Department,

                           July 2016                     July 2017

Dengue                  63 (0)                              28

Leptospirosis         76 (3)                              23 (2)

Malaria                 586 (1)                             309

Gastroenteritis     1672                                 544

Hepatitis                135                                   88

Swine Flu                 1                                  250 (5)

Cholera                     7                                     1

So far survey of 2230 households in Mumbai

Considering the increasing number of swine flu patients, 2230 houses have been surveyed in Mumbai so far. During this survey, the primary symptoms of this disease were found in 18 people, and they were treated with Tamiflu.

• January to July 2017 - 55,531 patients are examined

• 2844 patients were given Tamiflu medicine for suspected cases

• 874 people diagnosed with swine flu

• 672 in Mumbai, 202 patients out of Mumbai

Two people succumb to Leptospirosis

23 cases of Leptospirosis were registered in the month of July. 850 houses have been surveyed in the slum area and 4850 families have been made aware about leptospirosis.