Mumbai temperature drops to 30°C

As Mumbai experienced the heat of summer months earlier this week, the temperature has now dropped to 30 degrees Celsius on Thursday.

Mumbai temperature drops to 30°C

In recent developments, the temperature in Mumbai has witnessed a drop for the last couple of days. Mumbai recorded the highest temperature of 35.3 degrees Celsius this year on Tuesday, January 12. However, the city recorded a low of 30 degrees Celsius on Thursday, January 14.

On Wednesday, the temperature in Mumbai dropped to 34.6 degrees Celsius. In the first 2 weeks of the year, the temperature witnessed a rise which led to the Mumbaikars enduring the heat of April in the month of January.

Moreover, the meteorological department's Santacruz Observatory recorded the highest temperature at 34.6 degrees Celsius on Wednesday which was about 4 degrees Celsius higher than normal.

According to sources, Central Maharashtra and South Konkan Goa areas were most affected by the rains last week. However, the chances of rain in the state this week are very low. From Konkan-Goa to Central Maharashtra, Marathwada, Vidarbha, the weather is expected to be completely clear this week.

Meanwhile, on January 7, according to the System of Air Quality Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), the air quality in Mumbai' dropped to 'very poor' category, with overall air quality index (AQI) standing at 309. Moreover, as per the weather forecasting and research body, the AQI of Mumbai today is poor because of low dispersion and low-temperature variation. In addition, local emissions will lead to poor AQI for Mumbai for the next two days. On the first day of 2021, the city had clocked the highest pollution levels in four years. While lower than December 31, Mumbai's overall AQI of 307 was still in the very poor category.