BMC appeals citizens to wrap masks in newspaper before discarding

The BMC has asked the citizens to wrap the used masks in newspapers before discarding them.

BMC appeals citizens to wrap masks in newspaper before discarding

Coronavirus has become the new normal and with that masks have become an integral part of our lives. There have been concerns raised about the bio-waste that masks will be generating on a yearly basis. While one continues to look at the impact on the environment, it is also seen that people are rather careless in regards to disposing of the masks. 

In order to spread awareness about the disposal of face masks around the city, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has taken to Twitter asking the citizens to wrap the discarded masks in newspapers before discarding them.

Furthermore, the BMC classified the types of waste into dry, wet and hazardous waste. While almost every activity generates sold waste, several surveys and studies over the years have found that it is very difficult to treat sold waste unless segregated. Dry waste refers to all recyclable and non-recyclable waste that is not wet in nature, whereas wet waste refers to all the organic waste like food items. Hazardous waste refers to waste that contains toxic, corrosive, ignitable or reactive ingredients.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the usage of masks has been made compulsory across the country. However, several people have been observed in the city who have ventured out without wearing the face masks. The BMC as a consequence has decided to impose a penalty of ₹1,000 on those who step outside their houses without the necessary protection.

The BMC with the help of Mumbai Police had earlier taken action against 2,076 people who have been caught without masks. On the other hand, the police have also registered cases against 11,606 people for violating section 188 of the IPC. The people who are found to be violating the lockdown guidelines are to be punished under it.

As the entire country battles with COVID-19, people have been asked to observe social distancing, keep oneself clean and sanitized and to preferably not step out of the house. It is also mandatory to wear a mask while walking outside the house. Even though markets, shops, parlours have resumed operations, Mumbai Police has clarified that the place should be reached within two km. People should not be out on the streets aimlessly, and should, therefore, remain restricted to their areas. Failure to observe these protocols can result in actions that can be taken by the authorities.

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