The Constitution will be made available in Braille ahead of Constitution day

The Buddhist Association For the Blind (Nashik) along with Saavi Foundation will be publishing the first five parts of the Constitution in Braille


For the first time in India, India’s Constitution will be made available in Braille and the same will be inaugurated by ‘The Buddhist Association For the Blind’, Nashik.

The copy of the Constitution, that will be made available by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute, Pune (BARTI) will be translated into Braille by Swagat Thorat, who started India’s first Braille newsletter Sparshdnyan, said Satish Nikam, President of ‘The Buddhist Association For the Blind’. 

He said that prior to the statute, they had first published Buddhavandana in Braille script. He added that while working among the blind population, they realised they cannot read the Indian Constitution, hence they decided to bring out the statute in Braille script. The event will take place on November 25, around 11:00 am at B J Medical College, Pune. 

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Swagat Thorat said that a book in Braille script cannot cross more than 150 pages due to its limitations, hence they decided to publish the Constitution in five parts and the first of it will be published on November 25. He added that the next part of the series will be released after two months.

The Buddhist Association For the Blind Secretary said that along with BARTI, Saavi Foundation too supported the cause who will be conducting the programme. 

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