These offices will be allowed to remain open during the lockdown

Strict lockdown has been implemented in the state since April 22 and keeping the same in mind, the government has allowed offices of some sectors to operate. Essential services will continue as schedule

These offices will be allowed to remain open during the lockdown

The number of coronavirus patients in the state is increasing and keeping the same in mind, the state government of Maharashra has imposed strict restrictions to control the spread. Earlier, the government has announced a curfew in the state, but with the rise in cases, Maharashtra has been under a lockdown since April 22, 2021. 

Under the revised guidelines, public activities have been closed except for essential services. Furthermore, all private offices have been asked to remain shut and government offices have been functioning at 15 per cent attendance.

Below mentioned are the rules announced for all  government offices which do not directly contribute to managing COVID-19 crisis

  • Government offices which are not directly related to Corona will have 15 per cent staff attendance
  • Visitors will not have access to government offices.
  • If necessary, the admission pass of the head of the office or department will be required
  • Office meetings should be held online. 
  • Only employees in the office premises can attend the meeting in person.

Exceptions have been given to offices in the following sectors

  • Central, State and Local Government Offices, their Authorities and Organizational Co-operatives
  • Reserve Bank and SEBI certified offices will be open. 
  • Systems related to the telecom sector as well as freight, water supply systems will continue
  • Industry and manufacturing sector will continue, but strict rules will have to be followed here and care should be taken
  • Public unit and private bank - Offices of companies providing essential services - Insurance Mediclaim companies - Offices of pharmaceutical companies in production / distribution system
  • All non-banking financial corporations 
  • All micro financial institutions 
  • If the hearing of the Authority Commission is ongoing, then the office of the advocates
  • Hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics, vaccinations, medical insurance offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, health services, manufacturing systems and transport systems
  • Dispensaries, insurance, vaccine manufacturing factories, vaccine transport vehicles, medical raw material transportation
  • Electric and gas supply systems. Vehicles transporting ATMs, postal services, and ports
  • E-commerce, petrol pumps, cargo services, security forces can continue
  • Newspapers can start printing and distribution
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