Three women file wait for their abortion plea at SC


Three women from the city had filed a plea for the medical termination of pregnancy, a few days back at Supreme Court, after confirming with doctors about their fetal abnormalities. It is being reported that one of the fetuses suffers kidney failure while other fetus' brain is not fully grown.

The hearing will take place next week. Many women understand about the abnormalities in the fetus after 20 weeks and so there is a need of amendment in medical termination of pregnancy act 1971,” says Dr Nikhil Datar, Gynaecologist

Till now, 15 women from the city have filed a plea for the medical termination of pregnancy at SC after completing 20 weeks, keeping the fetal abnormalities in mind. 13 out 15 women have got the permission and remaining two were denied the permission.

According to Indian law, in medical termination of pregnancy act 1971, women can be permitted to abort the fetus in the early weeks, but are not allowed to abort after completing 20 weeks. Gynaecologist Nikhil Datar has been fighting since 2008 to make changes in the pregnancy act by seeking permission to abort till 24 weeks.

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