"Noise Free Mumbai Roads"; Traffic Police’s Latest Drive

As a part of this, the authorities took action against over 200 vehicles.

"Noise Free Mumbai Roads"; Traffic Police’s Latest Drive
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Raj Tilak Roushan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic on Thursday, April 14 released a video to share with the citizens a special drive they are taking against honking. He stated that many people unnecessarily honk at the signal and on the roads.

However, per the law, this is chargeable with a fine. Therefore, citizens should not be honking without reason, or make use of pressure horns. In addition to this, he also added that two-wheelers cannot be utilizing modified silencers.

In an attempt to curb honking in the city, last week, the Mumbai Police’s traffic division commenced an initiative. As a part of this, the authorities took action against over 200 vehicles. These vehicles include the likes of two-wheelers, four-wheelers and buses.

Moreover, wherever modified silencers have been found in bikes, the authorities have been getting them removed and asking the owner to restore the original silencer. It is only after these steps are undertaken that the two-wheelers are allowed to go.

On the other hand, in buses and cars, if the horn is modified or a pressure horn is used, they are also removed immediately.

Roushan believes that people feel irritable, and anxious because of the noise pollution they face on Mumbai roads. With this drive, the police look to reduce noise pollution in the city since it is resulting in loss of hearing too.

He adds that noise on Mumbai roads has mental and physical repercussions that entail high blood pressure and sleep disorders among others. Similarly, senior citizens, children, and pregnant women tend to be more inflicted.

The police have warned of strict action against those flouting norms. Mumbaikars have therefore been urged to not use modified silencers, pressure horns and honk without reasons.

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