Tumbledown Mahim - Dharavi Bridge

    • Poonam Kulkarni
    • Civic
    Mumbai  -  

    Mahim - Mahim - Dharavi bridge is in the derelict state from past 7-8 years, thus disabling to & fro of vehicles from both the sides. Since the bridge is in bad repair, there is traffic congestion all day long troubling commuters. Vehicles can run on only one side, this worsens the situation. Abhay Tamore Ward Head, when reported, said, " Since the bridge is defunct , there is unauthorized parking in the premise. Smokers have made the bridge recreation zone troubling locals and commuters. One of the ends of the bridge has sunk below, therefore vehicles are running on the solo track." Commuters and locals have reported the problem to the concerned authority but there is no action been undertaken.

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