Ward Rearrangement - a surprise package!


Mumbai - BMC on Monday announced the draw for wards and it has taken everyone by surprise. Over 80 corporators including Congress Corporator Pravin Chheda, MNS party leader in BMC Sandip Deshpande have suffered because of the draw. Sandip Deshpande in the rearrangement has lost his ward, the question arises where will he contest from? Draw for sure has empowered women in a true manner, S/ward sees 10 female candidates out of 14 wards. Shiv Sena Corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar also taste the bad luck in the draw. Shivsena Corporator Sanjana Mungekar & Pranita Waghdhare's ward has been reserved for Scheduled Caste. it is not the delimitation but the reservation of wards that has kept every corporator on tenterhook.

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