Will BMC catch the big fishes?

    Pali Hill
    Will BMC catch the big fishes?
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    Mumbai - When road scam was unearthed, 26 people were arrested and 34 road contracts were investigated. However, many big names are still not revealed as BMC still awaits the report by the committe it had constituated for inquiring in to this scam. The report is pending for 207 road contracts. The committee was set up and assistant municipal commissioner Sanjay Deshmukh was chairing it. It has investigated road contracts but is yet to submit it's report. It's belived that this report may contain names of some big fishes, contractors as well as some municipal officers. Hence, the report is awaited eagerly. The non submission of report is also believed to be part of the one upmanship game between BJP and Shiv Sena by many. 

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