Dirt woes for residents of Korba Mithagar

Dirt woes for residents of Korba Mithagar

All the promises made by the state government fall flat once the monsoon season arrives. The drains in the Korba Mithagar area in the eastern state of Wadala is full of filth and there are no civic workers present to clean the dirt from the drain. Due to the dirt in these gutters, there is a constant threat to the health of the residents. Therefore, the residents have demanded to civic officers of F/North Ward of the municipal corporation to clean the drains thoroughly.

There are more than 10 thousand people in the Korba Mithagar area in Wadala. Residents of the area dump waste directly in the drain. So the garbage stays in the drain. It seems to be growing every day. The waste and filth is mounting with every passing day,

Therefore, the citizens are repeatedly demanding to clean the five small drains of Rama Mata Wadi, Nana Bhai Wadi, Kale Wadi, Lakshmanwadi, Nanoorwadi Nala, along with two large drains of Rama Nagar Nala and Korba Mithagar. The citizens say that the corporation is not ready to pay attention to it. The municipal corporation needs to pay close attention to cleanliness of the Nallah.

We are continuously writing the letter to F / North Department of Municipal Corporation. Municipal corporation workers come for the cleaning only after the complaint is registered. The shoddy manner of cleaning the nullah is a big problem.- Mahendra Gaikwad, local citizen

The order has been given to the concerned department to clean the drains in the area. Accordingly, cleaning work of drains in the respective division is underway. Once the drain dries, the worker will take out the mud immediately and remove it from the place.
- Laxman Whatkar, Deputy Commissioner (Engineering Services and Project)

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