122 people booked in the city for disobeying curfew Violation

122 people booked in the city for disobeying curfew Violation

The coronavirus that started from a small province in China has been spreading fast all across the world. In India, the total tally of people testing positive today crossed the 500-mark and reached a 519. The death toll for India stands at 9. Maharashtra is one of the worst-hit states at the moment. In order to curb the numbers from increasing, CM Uddhav Thackeray has imposed a state-wise curfew and also announced that people should come out only to buy essentials.

He also mentioned that grocery shops and the ones selling essential items will remain open all through and people should not indulge in panic shopping to stock up excess goods. 

People have also been asked to obey the curfew imposed strictly. However, people are still are not paying little attention to the same. To correct the same, police has been asked to take strict action against people that are seen flouting the curfew. As many as 122 people have been booked for violating the curfew. 

As per WHO one of the most effective way to deal with Coronavirus or COVID-19 is by following social distancing. Hence, people are being encouraged to stay indoors, work from home and avoid crowded places. Apart from buses, almost all transportation has been closed including local trains. Even Uber and Ola services have been suspended. 

Out of the 122 people that were booked three were those who had the stamp of home quartine and were still outside. Apart from these, 16 people were booked for running a hotel and six pan-shop owners. As mentioned earlier, at this time only people selling essentials can sell their products. These services include: 

1) Bank, ATM and insurance-related companies

2) Media

3) Telephone, internet and data services

4) Trucks and transport supplying essential goods

5) Shops selling essential goods, grocery and medicines

 6) Kirana stores and Bakeries that sell milk, eggs, pav, fresh fruits and vegetables

7) Pet food shops

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