Mumbai: Marine radar system in trouble

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has informed that the radar system installed in 2012 after the 26/11 attacks have been malfunctioning.

Mumbai: Marine radar system in trouble

After the dreadful terrorist attack in Mumbai on November 26, 2008, a radar system was installed on the shores in 2012.

The terror attack had killed over 166 people which included foreign nationals in an attack that lasted for four days. The 26/11 attack as a result has transformed India's outlook towards national security leading to the strengthening of its maritime surveillance, inter-agency coordination and dissemination of information.

However, in recent developments, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has informed that the radar system has been malfunctioning. Moreover, the system happens to be a target of the terrorists. The state police, coast guard and the navy had earlier sent proposals to the state and central government on September 20, 2018, in order to receive the necessary funds for the radar system. Earlier, similar proposals were sent on 2014 and October 25, 2015.

The idea of the radar system is to work and monitor the movements of enemies in the deep sea and to capture their messages. For this, 84 control rooms of network compressing static radar and electro-optic sensor were installed in this system. However, none of these radar systems is operational. Moreover, the Navy, Mumbai Police and Coast Guard had earlier received information that a dangerous plot was hatched to destroy the radar system with the help of parachutes.

How does marine radar work?

The state government, with the help of the central government, implemented a radar system for the security of the coast in order to monitor the movements of the enemy. This system intercepts enemy signals and transmits them to the Coast Guard. Accordingly, the Coast Guard sends the messages in sign language to the Mumbai Police and the Western Division Navy. This helps in understanding the movements of the enemy and the terrorists.

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