45-year-old resident from Fort commits suicide; survives with multiple injuries

Zenobia Batliwala, 45, who lives in Patel chambers committed suicide at 6:00 AM by jumping naked from her 3rd floor apartment. DCP Sangramsinh Nishandaar in a video statement said that an Accidental Death Report (ADR) was filed after investigation.

45-year-old resident from Fort commits suicide; survives with multiple injuries
Source: Twitter (@susanmuchhala)

Amid the coronavirus lockdown in the city, Mumbai Police came across a case where a lady was found lying between two buildings in Mumbai's Fort area.

According to a message which was being circulated on WhatsApp, the girl is said to be an Irani and was found lying naked. The message alleges sexual misconduct or rape, however, Mumbai Police has released a statement as an ADR registered at the MRA Marg police station

Talking about the same, DCP Sangramsinh Nishandaar from MRA Police Station, in a video statement, said, "We have registered an accidental death case of a 45-year-old lady, and all the evidence point to suicide, where she jumped from a 3rd-floor apartment. The lady has multiple injuries on her head, leg and ribs. Prima Facie appears to be a case of suicide and there is no sexual assault."

A report released by the police said that lady in question is 45 years of age and lives in Patel chambers had committed suicide and was mentally unstable. She jumped from her building at 6:00 AM and was naked from down. Parsis in the neighbourhood gave bed sheets from their houses and reported the case. The patient is alive, and could barely speak. Officers took her to a hospital nearby hospital. Her mother is very old and her brother lives in Vancouver, Canada.  The CCTV footage received also confirms the same.

Police also said that there were some messages being spread on social media and were fake. 

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