Bhoiwada police seizes 83 lakh old notes


Bhoiwada police seized old notes worth Rs. 83, 00,000 from a car parked behind the KEM hospital. This incident took place on Friday night. Police have arrested 46 years old Bhairulal Phulchand Jain in connection with the old notes.

Bhoiwada police got a tip that old notes worth one lakh will be exchanged nearby Dean Bungalow. Bhoiwada police then laid the trap on Friday. As per the plan, a car came into the lane. Police then immediately started investigating the car. Upon investigation, they found 155 bundles of old 500 denominations and one bundle of Rs. 38,000. Along with this, they also seized five bundles of old 1,000 denominations and on a bundle of Rs. 12,000. In total, they seized Rs. 83 lakh from a car.

Bhoiwaada police then arrested driver Jain and seized the car as well. Jain resides at Goregaon’s Bohra House. Police are now searching as to who gave old notes to Jain and whom he was going to meet.