Rejection in love drives a man to make a hoax call about a bomb on a plane

The man had made a marriage proposal to his girlfriend which she refused and then, the lover called the Police Control Room and said that she was carrying a bomb while travelling on a plane!


While all of us have faced rejection in life at some point, rejection in love didn’t go well with 29-year-old Qutbuddin Saiwala. After his NRI girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal, he made a hoax call to the Police Control Room stating that his girlfriend’s bag consisted of a bomb and she was a terrorist. However, when the police inquired about the incident, they found nothing in the girl’s bag and in response, arrested the youth by tracing the call.

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The 27-year-old girl from Yemen, often used to travel to India for work. A few days ago, she had come to Aurangabad to attend her friend's wedding. 

The accused, Qutbuddin Saiwala and the girl met at the wedding. In an attempt to woo the girl, he lied that he owned a business, but in reality, he used to work for a hardware company.

Soon after the meeting, the two got into a relationship. The accused later asked her to marry him and the girl informed her father about the same. Upon enquiring, the father found out about the accused’s exaggerated lies and told his daughter about it. The girl was heartbroken and left for her country after refusing the marriage proposal.

After which, the 29-year-old called the Police Control Room and said that a girl on the plane has a bomb in her bag. The police and other agencies searched the plane and questioned the girl for six hours. After which, the police nabbed the accused after tracing the number.

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