Anti-Narcotic Cell Nabs 10 drug addicts in Mahim

    Anti-Narcotic Cell Nabs 10 drug addicts in Mahim
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    Seeing the rising number of drug dealers and drug addicts in the city, the Anti-Narcotic Cell nabbed caught 10 drug addicts red-handed while they were sniffing some drugs to glory. It was just some days before that the residents of Mahim had made a complaint to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Commissioner of Police saying that the whole of Mahim is now turning into a druggists’ spot.  As a matter of fact, a lot of people are found to be doing drugs at spots starting from the local station to Mahim beach. Consequently, this has given a rise to cases of chain-snatching and eve-teasing.

    It was immediately after receiving the complaint from the residents, the Commissioner issued orders to the Anti-Narcotic Cell to take action against this. The cell which had visited the site with a team of 20 members nabbed 10 drug addicts. The complete operation was conducted under the leadership of the Cell DCP Shivdeep Lande.

    Moreover, as per the local residents, the customs office that was located near the Mahim Beach has now become a druggists’ spot.

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