Beware of 'De Dhaka' Gang


Mumbai- A new gang has surfaced in Mumbai city whose modus operandi is shocking the residents. CCTV has captured one of the acts of De Dhaka gang who pushed and then fled away with the valuables at Manish Market. As per the CCTV footage, a lot of rush is seen in the Manish Market where a young man wearing black shirt is seen. After some time, something happens and the guy in black shirt starts running in the opposite direction. Before anyone would know, the boy flees away with the bag having Rs. 2 lakh cash.

This gang works systematically and in unison. After zeroing the target, four- five people of this group circles the victim and one of the gang member then push the victim. When the victim is caught unguarded, other gang member snatches the bag from the victim and to confuse him, another gang member starts running away. When the victim tries to stop the thief, other gang members stop him. Aslam Malkani who owns the shop in Manish Market said, “There is always a rush in the Manish Market and this gang misuses this rush to rob”. MRA police station has registered a police complaint regarding the same.

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