FDA keeping a tab on all the hospitals

FDA keeping a tab on all the hospitals

A few months ago the FDA had exposed the scandal in the purchase and sale of many other drugs and equipment, including Stent. In this context, a case against almost 34 hospitals was also registered.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Harshdeep Kamble informed that a few months ago, the FDA had received the information that many hospitals across the state were selling orthopaedic equipment that comprised of certain medical equipments as well, thus violating the law. On the basis of this information, the FDA had raided around 39 hospitals across the state including the GT Hospital in Mumbai in February 2017. These raids were done in 5 other hospitals, which included the GT Hospital of Mumbai. Further, the FDA had confiscated the illegal orthopaedic equipments worth millions of rupees from these hospitals. As a result, a case was filed against these hospitals.

According to Umesh Khake of Public Health Movement, the patients are being cheated by way of purchasing equipments that are not permitted for sale. Hence, the action taken as of now will ensure that the sale and purchase of these equipments is completely ceased.

Seeking permission is compulsory

“Now that the illegitimate sale and purchase of medical equipments is completely exposed, it has now been mandated by the FDA to get the approval for the sale and procurement of medical equipments. We keeping a tab on all the hospitals and as a matter of fact many hospitals have started taking approval as well”. - Dr. Harshdeep Kamble, Commissioner, FDA

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