I won’t spare the person who shot my video: Girl who missed death by a whisker on a local train

A video went viral of a young woman who slipped and was dangling above the tracks before she was saved by her fellow commuters

I won’t spare the person who shot my video: Girl who missed death by a whisker on a local train

Recently, a video went viral of a young woman standing on a footboard and later slipping and dangling above the tracks. Fortunately, her fellow passengers saved her in the nick of time by pulling her back. 17-year-old Pooja Bhosale, who was saved by the fellow passengers expressed her anger towards the man who shot her video.

On Monday, I was on my way to Diva to meet one of my friends. I was standing on the footboard with my earphones plugged in. Somewhere between Vikhroli and Bhandup, I lost my balance and slipped. Thankfully, I was pulled back by my fellow commuter and he saved my life. But, the man who was shooting the video could have saved my life, but he didn't do it. Instead, he made my video viral. I will not spare him,” Pooja Bhosale.

For now, RPF personnel is looking out for the man who shot the video.

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What’s the story?

The video went viral and started doing the rounds on Whatsapp. In the footage, a young woman can be seen standing on the footboard of a running local train with a pair of earphones.

She can be seen straightening her clothes a couple of times and just as a local train passes by in the opposite direction, she bends out and loses grip of the door handle and slips out. Meanwhile, her fellow commuters catch her by her clothes as she dangles above the tracks. The scared girl then slumped to the floor of the coach and dodged death by a whisker.

Latest Update: 

Railway Protection Force (RPF) has filed a police complaint under section 156 of the Indian Railway Act against Pooja Bhosle for performing stunts on the footboard on Central Railway line. Police can take Bhosle in their custody at any time now.

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