Hoax call by obsessed lover causes panic

Hoax call by obsessed lover causes panic

In Kurar area, an obsessed lover crossed his limits to stop his girlfriend from going to the village. The Pathanwadi resident yesterday stopped his girlfriend from going to Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and in order to do so he called in the control room of Kurar police station. The boy made a prank call saying that an ISI terrorist is travelling in the same train. The terrorist has a bag which has a bomb inside. His aim is to bomb the train running from Mumbai towards Lucknow.

The police became alerted and started the operation. The boy told them the address of his girlfriend's house on the phone. Kurar police reached on to the provided address. They found girl's father and the girl who were packing the goods to go to the village. The girl narrated the whole incident to the police and cleared everything. They didn't go to the village on the very day. The next day police reserved the ticket for them and they went. The obsessed lover is absconding after the incident.

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