Hindi film actor Rakesh Bedi loses INR 85k to cyber fraud

The Oshiwara police are investigating further in this matter

Hindi film actor Rakesh Bedi loses INR 85k to cyber fraud

A fraudster duped Hindi Tv serial actor Rakesh Bedi of INR 85k with regards to selling a flat. In this regard, a case has been registered under the Prevention of Fraud and Information Technology Act at the Oshiwara Police Station in Mumbai.

Bedi owns a two-room flat in the Kondhwa area of Pune. As he wanted to sell it, he had advertised it on a website for buying and selling flats. On December 25, he received a call from a person named Aditya Kumar. The man asked Bedi for more photographs of the flat, stating that he was working in the Indian Army and liked the flat in question. After he sent more photographs, another phone call came the next day. In that, my senior officers liked the flat and asked the price of the flat. After Bedi told him INR 87 lakh, the man agreed to buy the flat.

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The person told Bedi that there was a procedure for the same as we were sending the relevant amount from the army officer's account. At that time, one rupee was deposited in Bedi's account after following the process mentioned by the caller. He said that now he is sending INR 50k. Then asked Bedi to fill in some information there. But the money was not deposited in Bedi's account. Therefore, Bedi made the relevant process from his wife's bank account. At that time, a message was received that INR 50,000 was transferred from the wife's bank account.

When asked about it, the person said he will return the money and asked to send INR 25k for that. Bedi sent the amount. But no amount was credited to Bedi's wife's account. At that time he again asked to send INR 10. By doing this, the accused cheated Bedi of INR 85k. The Oshiwara police are investigating further in this matter.

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