Kalyan: Woman dupes senior citizen of INR 14 lakh

Police have registered a case and started an investigation

Kalyan: Woman dupes senior citizen of INR 14 lakh

A woman extorted five and a half lakh rupees from a wireman, a senior citizen living in her neighbourhood, saying that her brother wanted to go abroad for studies. After that, the woman took 21 tolas worth of jewellery from the wireman's wife to her own house and deposited it in the bank in the form of loan. As the accused woman is not willing to return the compensation amounting to INR 13.90 lakh in the form of money and jewellery, wireman has filed a complaint at the market police station on Monday.

The defrauded wireman has been identified as Vasudev Atmaram Gudde (61). He lives in Bhoiwada area on Valipeer Road in Kalyan West along with his wife and children. The name of the accused woman is Sujata Naresh Dhomse. She lives next door to Gudde. Police said, complainant Gudde and accused Dhomese live next to each other in Bhoiwada area. Gudde does private electrical connection, technical works. Seven years ago, the accused Sujata Dhomse came to the house of the complainant Gudde. My brother wants to study abroad. For this, I am in dire need of five and a half lakh rupees. Gudde faithfully gave INR.550,000 from his bank account to the accused Dhomse as it was an educational work.

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Sujata assured Gudde that he will return your money to you once her brother returns from abroad. After some days, Sujata came to the house of complainant Gudde. She said that she wants to go for a wedding and took  a gold ring, bangles, mangalsutra, necklace worth 21 tolas were taken from Kirti, Vasudev Gudde's wife. After two days, when Vasudev's wife asked Sujata for the jewels back, she started giving vague answers. Then the family learnt that she deposited the jewellery to Hajarimal Bhagwanji Jawahira in Kalyan as a loan. 

After realising that Sujata Dhomese was making fake deals with him, Gudde insisted on returning the money he had borrowed for foreign education. At this time, Gudde realised that none of Sujata's relatives had gone abroad for education. They used their money and jewels for their own selfish interests. After realising this, Vasudev Gudde lodged a complaint at the market police station. Police have registered a case and started an investigation.

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