It was on the evening of Friday, that a man died of falling from the 9th floor of a building. As per the information at hand, the man is said to be the housekeeper of the Quba Restaurant that is on the 9th floor of the Synergy Building in Malad West.

Just like any other evening, Subhash Chauhan on Friday went to do his regular housekeeping chores in the restaurant but ended up slipping off when he reached near the duck. So by the time other employees of the restaurant could rush him to the hospital, Subhash was already dead.

As per the police, the entire incident got captured in the CCTV which has been showed to his family as well. What still remains a mystery is what kind of duck area is it and why did Subhash go there in the first place. Meanwhile, the police have filed the case of accidental death and are further investigating the case.

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