• This criminal is giving tough time to the Mumbai Police. Find out why

Handling a criminal is a cakewalk for Mumbai police but one criminal is creating a nuisance for Juhu police officials. 32 years old accused Edward Khofiben claims to a Ghana’s citizen, is locked up in Juhu prison since four months. The reason he is becoming a pain for Juhu police officials is because of his lavish demands. He loves chicken biryani but dislikes Indian food. He also demands of wearing branded clothes. He is in lockup since 10 January. There are two police constables who keep an eye on the accused. Apart from eating chicken biryani, he loves eating pizza.

In 2013, Mumbai police arrested Edward for residing in India on an illegal passport, for which he was sent to jail for four years. On January 2017, he was handed over to Juhu police for deportation. But when Juhu police officials contacted Ghana embassy, they denied Edward as a citizen of Ghana and refused to take him back. Juhu police officials are now clueless about the unwanted guest.

“I am a citizen of Ghana and I want to go back to my country. But these people are not leaving me. I also want to speak to the embassy, but they are not letting me,” said Edward.

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