Pelt stones at a train and you may end up in jail for life

    Pelt stones at a train and you may end up in jail for life
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    It has been some time now that people taking pleasure out of nothing but pelting stones at local have been making the rounds. So much so, that they could not resist throwing stones at the newly launched Tejas Express. But such people will now have to hold their horses right there because the railway administration has deciphered a way to deal with them. The railway authorities have decided that on being convicted for pelting stones at a train, the accused may be awarded life sentence.

    Since some goons decide to go really wicked with their ways, they end up hurting people like travellers, motorman, and loco pilot severely while pelting stones at the trains, which may also cause some serious accidents or casualties. Hence, given all such incidents, the government is now forming certain stringent regulations so as to stop them.

    Since January 2017 to May 2017, up till now, 34 such incidents have come to the fore. Ergo, the government has now decided to award an imprisonment of ten years or lifetime for this offence. As per the Public Relations Officer N. David, that due to increasing cases of people casting stones at trains, a provision for strict law has been made.

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