Maharashtra cyber department to create anti-phishing cell

Vishing involves cyber fraudsters dupe people by posing as bank executives and trick victims in revealing personal credit/debit card details


Considering the increasing number of vishing and spam related cybercrimes, Maharashtra cyber department has decided to create an anti-phishing cell that will be situated at World Trade Centre in Mumbai.

Balsing Rajput, Superintendent of Maharashtra Cyber Cell said the cell will focus on analysing vishing, phishing and other spam-related cybercrimes occurring across the state. The cell will comprise of a few handpicked police officers, who will report to Brijesh Singh, Special Inspector General, Maharashtra (cyber). 

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In the last few years, cyber fraudsters have duped thousands of people across the state by posing as bank executives, insurance companies executives, income tax department, etc, over the phone and have tricked victims into revealing their personal credit or debit card details.

These details are then used to withdraw money from their bank accounts. This type of frauds is termed as vishing, which comes under the head of credit/debit card frauds. In the case of vishing fraud victims, they do not get their money back from the banks as they are held guilty for sharing their personal financial details.

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Several cases of vishing go unreported as complainants do not register FIRs. The police also finds it difficult to track the accused as calls are made from far off states and the SIM cards used are usually bought using forged documents.

Apart from vishing cases, the cell will also analyse spam emails, SMS and other spam-related cybercrimes.

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