Maharashtra police have filed more than 27,400 cases for violating lockdown regulations

Maharashtra police have filed more than 27,400 cases for violating lockdown regulations

State Police officials in Maharashtra previously mentioned that they will take strict action against people breaking lockdown orders by stepping outside their homes for activities that are not considered essential. The authorities have now announced that 27,432 cases have been filed under Section 188 of the Criminal Procedure Code for violation of prohibitory orders in Maharashtra.

Further, a total of 12,420 vehicles have reportedly been confiscated during the two and a half weeks of the lockdown, while also collecting Rs 95.5 lakh in fines in the same period. The police also mentioned that a total of 15 FIRs (First Information Reports) have been filed against 156 attendees of Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi as per the Foreigners Act. This includes the foreigners who visited Maharashtra after attending the mid-March event in Delhi.

Also alarming is the number of cases filed by the authorities for attacking on-duty policemen. So far, 161 people have been reportedly arrested for assaulting a total of 60 policemen across Maharashtra.

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Additional Director-General of Police (Law and Order), Milind Bharambe said - “It is requested to help police and administration in enforcing lockdown. It is informed that any violations will be dealt with firmly as per law including apprehension of the offenders and appropriate action under the preventive sections of law.”

Commenting on the number of emergency calls received and attended to, there were reportedly 58,009 emergency calls made to the police control room. Additionally, 977 illegal transportation offences were apparently registered during the period. Authorities added that cases have been registered against 438 people who were forced into institutional quarantine after escaping home quarantine. 

Mumbai continues to struggle with the virus as Dharavi reported its second COVID-19 related death in a week. Keeping this in mind, the authorities have decided to test 7.5 lakh residents of Dharavi. This will be done via door-to-door testing of individuals to avoid them from leaving their homes.