House owner makes a video of maid while stealing

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    Malad- A couple living in Malad was distressed over frequent thefts and were clueless about the thief. After frequent incidents, Bhavna Gala used her mobile phone to track down the thief.

    Bhavna resides with her husband, two children and her mother in law at Malad west’s Shree Mayureshwar building. There was someone in her home who was stealing the money from her cupboard but she did not know who the thief is. Tired of frequent thefts she kept her mobile phone in her bedroom to capture the thief. After a while, she checked her phone and was shocked to see that it was her maid who used to steal the money from the cupboard.
    Bhavna went to the police and registered a complaint against the maid. She alleged that maid has stolen Rs. 40,000 since December.

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