Police nab stalker who showed up at a woman's doorstep at 2:00 AM

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Police nab stalker who showed up at a woman's doorstep at 2:00 AM

After the recent events in Chandigarh where a woman was harassed by BJP Haryana Unit Chief, Subhash Barala's son, Vikas, a similar situation has come to light in Mumbai. Though in this case, Mumbai Police have taught the culprit a lesson. 

34-year-old Nitish Kumar has been arrested by Amboli Police for stalking a woman.

Aditi Nagpal was returning home with her two children on Sunday night and she felt somebody was following her car. After reaching home, between 2:00 and 2:30 am, her doorbell rang and she was shocked to see the man who was following her earlier at her doorstep. 

The man asked her for some water but she was completely taken aback by a random person showing up so late in the night. She called out to the watchman and this man went and stood outside the gate. She said that when she’d stepped down along with the watchman, she saw him standing outside the gate. She went over to ask him why he’d come there to which he said he was thirsty.

The woman then when to click his picture but the man made a run for his life and fled. She then filed a complaint against that man and narrated the entire situation. She also posted this scenario on Facebook and it went viral.

Police nabbed Nitish Kumar in a few hours and seized his vehicle as well.

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