Underwear saves a jeweller's day!

    Underwear saves a jeweller's day!
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    This may sound a little absurd but could you ever imagine your underwear saving the day for you? We aren’t speaking about Superman’s red underwear, we’re talking about Jitesh Parmar’s underwear (this is so absurd).

    39-year-old Jitesh Parmar, a jeweller from Powai, was kidnapped by a few thugs on June 13. These guys wanted to rob his jewellery store called ‘Lakshmi Jewelers’. Now, Mr Parmar got himself out of a tense situation by hiding his store keys in his underwear! Yes, you heard it right. So the people who kidnapped him couldn’t find the keys at all and they never robbed the store.

    A white car cornered Jitesh and his servant on the night of June 13 on the L&T bridge after he’d shut shop. They were then forced into the car and were beaten up and threatened. Jitesh just didn’t budge to their threats and the store keys were safely hidden.

    He and his servant were dropped off at Ghodbunder Road the next afternoon.

    The crime branch has arrested seven people and has identified those crooks as serious criminals with a record.

    So Jitesh’s underwear did save the day for him and his store was safe.

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