Men assault petrol pump manager, video goes viral

    Mumbai  -  

    A video has gone viral of an assault where a group of men are seen beating a petrol pump manager at Goregaon. The victim’s name is Sameer Desai who works as a manager at Goregaon’s Car Care petrol pump. 

    On 21 March, one man came on Activa along with his friend. While Sameer was filling up the petrol, the man started speaking on his mobile phone. Sameer then asked him not to talk on the phone for safety reasons. This enraged the man and he started beating Sameer. He called his other four friends and continued the beating. The other petrol pump workers tried calling on police helpline number. “Police were not ready to register the complaint. After half an hour, they just registered NC against the accused,” said Sameer.

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