Attackers attacked! MNS activist thrashed by hawkers during an altercation

MNS Malad divisional head Sushant Malavade beaten black and blue by hawkers outside Malad (W) station

Attackers attacked! MNS activist thrashed by hawkers during an altercation

Clashes between MNS activists and unauthorised hawkers has stirred a lot since MNS has taken matters into their own hands. On Saturday afternoon, the hawkers struck back as they thrashed an activist in Malad at around 3:30 pm.

The incident took place around 3:30 pm near the railway station in Malad. The fierce attack on MNS Divisional Head, Sushant Malavade, has left the activist with serious injuries.

Mumbai Congress President Sanjay Nirupam is strongly opposing MNS’ goonda raj and he made a stirring speech in the morning against MNS chief Raj Thackeray in Malad to which Malavade and co had come to protest against.

Police then arrested Malavade for the same.

After being released from police custody, Malvade and co went to the spot again and started confronting the hawkers where during the altercation, the activist was thrashed badly by the hawkers.

After my speech, the MNS activists tried to attack the hawkers. Who gave MNS the authority to take control of the law? What should the hawkers do in this situation? The attackers have been attacked by the hawkers for extorting and harassing them,” Sanjay Nirupam, President, Mumbai Congress.

A complaint should be registered for the attack on the MNS activist. The police should register an FIR against Sanjay Nirupam as well. If Sanjay Nirupam is going to talk like a fool, we will break his face. Now our agitation against hawkers is going to be even more strong,” Sandip Deshpande, MNS General Secretary.

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