Mumbai Police nabs a group of fraudsters issuing fake bail orders

The gang of individuals was nabbed by Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch after they tried to submit fake bail papers in the court. Now the accused will be interrogated by a Special Investigation Team (SIT)


Recently, Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch nabbed a gang of individuals issuing fake bail orders and forged documents. The accused group had even used the documents to display them in the court but the police nabbed them in their recent attempt. For the past year, the gang had been on police’s radar for using forged documents to prepare bail papers and after their arrest, the police shockingly retrieved a lot of material which helped the accused prepare the documents.

Therefore, looking at the gravity of the situation, the police have decided to hand over the accused to the Special Investigation Team (SIT), who will conduct further interrogation.

A case has been filed with Azad Maidan Police against eight individuals who have been arrested. The accused have been identified as Shakir Hussain Mehndi Khan (35), Shafiq Rafiq Qureshi (34), Faiyaaz Amanullah Khan (34), Imran Sulmani (27), Mohammad Parvez Abdul Shaikh (50), Riyaz Ahmad Pathan (34), Muzaffar Kaazi (38), Yusuf Khan (31). Alongside, several other people have been arrested for their connection with the case. All of them have been charged with 10 offenses and now will be interrogated by SIT

A few days ago, during a hearing at Mumbai Magistrate Court, the group members had tried to apply for an accused’s bail. When the papers were presented to the court, it was realised that something was wrong. So, the police waited for some more days to catch the group in the act and as expected, they appeared once again with forged documents. After which, the police nabbed the accused and interrogated them.

The police seized 78 forged ration cards, 55 of Mumbai Police’s senior officers’ official stamps, unauthorised official stamp papers, PAN card, fake salary slips from 58 shell companies, 12 duplicate mark sheets.

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