People arrested in Mumbai for luring women into prostitution through fake job promises

The information about the racket was revealed after a 24-year-old victim escaped from there and lodged a complaint at Nagpada Police station. Accordingly, the police arrested Mohammed Shaikh and Tinku Raj for connections to the crime.


A group from Mumbai was recently busted by Mumbai Police's Anti-Extortion Squad for forcing women into prostitution. They recently found out that the group had lured 12 women into prostitution by promising them with high profile job opportunities. Accordingly, they arrested Mohammed Shaikh and Tinku Raj, who were the agents and a part of the accused group.

The information about the crime was revealed after a victim lodged a complaint about the same. As per her confession, the 24-year-old girl was introduced to Kamal Shaikh by her relatives. As Kamal was from the same residential area as the girl, he offered to send her to a foreign country for a job. He told the girl that his friend owns a hotel in Bahrain and accordingly, convinced her that his friend is in need of hotel staff urgently. He added that she will earn up to ₹50,000 per month and informed her about a friend that would pick her up from Mumbai.

Eventually, Kamal told the woman that his friend has cancelled his Mumbai visit and if she wanted the job, she would have to go to Bahrain by herself. After a bit of convincing, the girl was sent to Bahrain on July 13 and the girl’s parents started receiving money in their bank account. But then, her passport was seized from her and thus, she was forced into prostitution. Despite the suffering, somehow she managed to send the information about her misery to India. 

Learning about this, when the parents confronted Kamal, he demanded ₹2 lakh and threatened that if they didn’t give him the ransom, then he would kill the girl. Accordingly, the parents offered ₹2 lakh and freed her from the misery. 

Once she reached Mumbai on October 22, the brave 24-year-old victim filed a complaint at Nagpada Police station. On further investigation, the police arrested two agents and learned that 12 more women are currently captive in Bahrain and have been forced into the prostitution racket. 

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