Senior reporter gets beaten up by hooligans on a train

Senior reporter Sudhir Shukla tried intervening when the group was arguing with passengers after which people in the group started abusing and beating him

Senior reporter gets beaten up by hooligans on a train

Railways have made the common man’s commuting easier but at the same time in recent days, commuting has become more difficult, all thanks to groups who bully other commuters. Recently, A Hindi news channel’s senior reporter Sudhir Sukhla became the victim of the same.

What's the story?

Shukla tried boarding the train from Mira Road when he was stopped by a group of people who were standing near the door. But along with Shukla, other fellow passengers got into the train.

As the train left Mira Road, people in the group started bickering and when Shukla intervened, they started abusing him. The people in the group also started pushing other commuters and Shukla tried clicking pictures of the same. When the former saw Shukla clicking pictures, they started beating him but also held his collar as well and tried pulling him out but as Shukla had held the pole, so he was saved.

Shukla saved himself and the moment he got down at Andheri station, he registered a complaint with the GRP. Along with this, Mumbai Crime Reporter’s Association demanded a strict action against the said act.

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