Poisonous gas leak kills three sailors

Poisonous gas leak kills three sailors
Poisonous gas leak kills three sailors
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Mumbai - Three sailors lost their lives due to the poisonous gas leakage in MV THOR ENDEVOUR ship (bulk carrier). On investigation, it was revealed that the level in “sludge tank’ (tank for collecting the wet waste) had increased. Around 9.20 on 10th Feb 2017, one crew had entered ballast tank for fitment of de-flooding pump and became unconscious due to the poisonous gases inside. Subsequently, another four sailors (including master) entered the compartment to evacuate the unconscious crew and all of them fell unconscious. One among these five was safely evacuated by the remaining barge crew (total crew onboard were nine and four who were trying to evacuate the other unconscious crew from ballast tank).

Mangesh Bhosle (27), Jayanta Chowdhary (24) and Ketisan (27) died on the spot while Dawood Kure, Sharmasan Mandal and Ganesh Bahiya got injured. Amongst this, Dawood Kure is in critical condition and is admitted at Bombay hospital.

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