Mumbai Police arrested a man who was accused of murdering a BMC employee

The friend of the deceased was arrested by the police within 10 hours

Mumbai Police arrested a man who was accused of murdering a BMC employee
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A man, who was accused in a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) employee's murder case, has been arrested by the Mumbai police. The body of the BMC employee was locked inside his residence and was found on Tuesday, September 21.

The police have now arrested his friend who fought in the deceased's house while drinking alcohol. The accused is remanded in police custody.

While addressing the situation, the officer said that they received a call on Tuesday night that a body was found with injuries on his forehead. The family members said they had to break the door since it was locked from the outside and his mobile phone was missing.

The zonal deputy commissioner, for investigation, formed several teams. There were no CCTV cameras in the area where the residence is located, and the family of the deceased was also clueless.

The police, however, found out that he was with the accused in his residence consuming alcohol.

Later, police tracked down the accused and questioned him. He confessed to murdering the BMC employee. He said that they were intoxicated and got into an argument. In a rage, he hit the head of the employee with a chopper. When he realized that the employee died, the accused locked the man inside and fled from the place with the victim's phone.

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