Police disown whistleblower?

    Police disown whistleblower?
    Mumbai  -  

    Sewri- Aakash Ghuge, a whistleblower who helped the Mumbai police nab some goons from the local oil mafia, is paying a price for his loyalty.

    A year ago, Ghuge was applauded for helping the police in nabbing the goons. Ghuge paid the price then when he was beaten up by the mafia for telling on them. The police acted swiftly by arresting 19 people in connection with the assault case. A year on, however, Ghuge and his family continue to receive death threats. “I took the blows fom the gons one year ago and the acused were arrested as well. But, now my family and I are receiving death threats. I asked for police help but they are not entertaining me. My family members are being harassed on a daily basis," says Ghuge. Mumbai police spokesperson Ashok Dhudhe told Mumbai Live that  the accsed would soon be brought to book.

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