Police searching for a police official

    Police searching for a police official
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    You may have come across the case of police searching for a missing person, but what you may have not heard is a police official hunting for another police personnel. Enter Suvarna Babu Thokre (28) of Kandivali Samtanagar who has been frequenting the police station for his missing sister who worked as a woman police constable herself. Turns out Suvarna Babu Thockrey’s younger sister was working as a police constable at Marol Police station in Andheri. Suvarna Babu Thockrey used to reside with his younger sister Sunita Babu Thockrey and elder brother Suraj Thockrey in Virar.

    Sunita had taken a 10-day leave from the police department to go to her village and she was packing for the same at her home. Sometime later, she went downstairs to buy something, but did not return hours later. After waiting her for quite some time, Suvarna tried asking about her whereabouts from the neighbors in vain, he filed a missing complaint with the police. This whole incident happened on 16 May.

    But  if this was not enough, the next day Suvarna received a call from a taxi driver from Ahemdabad saying that she boarded his taxi, although her orientation seemed to be completely lost as she was talking strangely. After receiving the entire information, when Sunita’s brother-in-law went to Ahemdabad to meet the taxi driver, the driver told him that Sunita did not seem to be mentally stable and seemed to be quite anxious.

    On the other hand, Sunita’s family members are saying that had the police been proactive and would have helped them right, they would have found her up till now. The question is, if the police itself is unable to find one of its personnel members, then who will be able to do it right.

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