Protestors under preventive custody

Protestors under preventive custody

Sandhurst road- Residents of Sandhurst Road were planning to hold a protest for building the Hancock Bridge. Byculla Police took Social worker, Dinesh Rathod in preventive custody keeping in mind the Code of Conduct.
The Hancock Bridge in Mumbai was located between the Suburban railway stations of Sandhurst Road and Byculla. The bridge was initially built in 1879 and then underwent reconstruction in 1923 before it was completely demolished in January 2016 for another reconstruction. But even after a year of the demolition of the bridge, the reconstruction work was not started, due to which people were finding it difficulties in traveling to and fro.
School children were literally made to walk 2 km extra to reach school. The citizens in the area along with Dinesh Rathod were planning to protest against this delay.

Byculla police keeping the Code of Conduct in mind have taken Rathod into preventive custody, additional police force has been deployed outside Sandhurst railway station. Rathod with his supporters met BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta and gave him a petition regarding the same.

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