Robbery turns into comedy of errors

    Robbery turns into comedy of errors
    • Shivshankar Tiwari
    • Crime
    Mumbai  -  

    Dahisar - Robbery turned into hilarious comedy on 10th October at 10.00pm. The incident took place on Rawalpada Flyover Bridge, Dahisar when motorcyclists chased duo Dattaram Tambay & Mahendra who were also riding. The thieves tried snatching bag full of money worth Rs 5.33 lakhs, wherein the process bikers lost their control and everyone fell from their bike. Meanwhile, traffic police rushed to the spot and caught three thieves red-handed, while one jumped off from the bridge fracturing his legs consequently being arrested. Police arrested Rajesh Panikar, Javed, Vinayak Yadav & Sunny Gupta.

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