RPF, GRP officials beat up a dog for entering a local train

Activists and veterinarians who rescued the dog said that the dog was bleeding from the mouth, private parts and sustained grievous injuries


A stray dog was beaten up for boarding the ladies compartment by Railway Police Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel from Western Railways (WR). This horrifying incident took place on Tuesday when a dog was beaten up thrice by the RPF and GRP officials.

Activists and veterinarians who rescued the dog said that he was bleeding from the mouth, private parts, and sustained grievous injuries.

One of the pet lovers told Hindustan Times,

I was on my way to Andheri around 11:00 am when I noticed a dog crying loudly on platform number four. The Virar-bound train had stopped at the platform and four RPF constables were hitting the dog with lathis to make him leave the ladies compartment.” 

Ana Bhutani, pet lover.

Bhutani added that despite her request, the officials beat up the dog after which he got scared and hid underneath the bench and refused to leave. She tried rescuing him but failed to do so. Finally, she traveled with the dog to Virar and back to Churchgate. She tried giving him food but the dog did not come out. The train Bhutani took to Churchgate was rescheduled for Bhayander and a co-passenger Omkar Rane who was also an activist took care of the dog.

I got a call while the train was at Dadar and I asked people to give the animal its space. Considering the beating it was subjected to, there was a chance that the dog biting the one trying to rescue it or cause an untoward incident.”

Rane added that the rescued canine had sustained multiple injuries who was kept in a foster house after a treatment.

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