Unsafe Mumbai - goons enter office, beat up owner and staff

Andheri, Mumbai  -  

The underworld in Mumbai may have quietened down, but the goonda raj of extortionists apparently continues to hold strong.

This CCTV footage shows how goons entered an office in Chakala recently and beat up the owner and his staff mercilessly. The video shows how the anti social elements tore up their clothes, kicked and punched them and threw the furniture around.

The incident occurred on 22 February at the office of Cobra Elite in the Aadeshwar Arcade building on Andheri Kurla road. Ironically, the owner Aditya claims to have no idea why the goons beat him and his associates.

The police have arrested three of the four culprits on the basis of the CCTV footage, while the fourth is still at large.

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