Cops yet to trace source of the 'tawa' accident

    Cops yet to trace source of the 'tawa' accident
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    Imagine you’re taking a stroll on the road and randomly, from a highrise building, a griddle comes crashing on your head.

    This tragic incident happened with eight-year-old Hazequa Kapadia, who was hurt badly a couple of months ago, as a griddle had come flying down on her. Doctors were sceptical about her survival as her injuries were quite severe. She beat all odds and survived this freak accident.

    She was initially admitted to Nair Hospital but later moved to Bombay Hospital for further treatment. Now she has finally returned home. The incident took place in March when the kid was returning home from her tuition.

    “She is getting better now but she needs physiotherapy and psychological therapy to resume her normal life. She was severely wounded because of the heavy griddle and she was in a coma for a long time. Now she can recognise her family members. Her MRI reports show that her condition has stabilised” said Dr Keki E Turel, Neurosurgeon, Bombay Hospital

    “Her treatment cost has gone up to Rs 10,00,000. The person responsible for putting the poor kid in harm's way should take responsibility for all her troubles. We will forgive that person as we’re glad that our daughter is safe and has come back home. But police have not been able to track the person yet” said Faisal Kapadia, Hazequa’s father.

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