School's carelessness costs minor her finger

    Mumbai  -  

    Kandivali - This is an incident which showcases negligence on the part of school management of Thakur International school, Kandivali that ocurred on Wednesday. A sweet and innocent nursery girl was standing next to the door, smiling blissfully. In the second moment what happened was very painful. Suddenly the teacher pushed the door and the finger came in the contact. Minor's finger was sandwiched and it was bleeding profusely.

    She was in pain and the management instead of admitting her to the nearby hospital kept her waiting for her parents. She was in the classroom for two hours, even a thought will give us the goosebumps. Her parents were called and the pieces of the finger were given to them in a polyethene.

    Parents rushed their daughter to Kokilaben Hospital and it was sad to hear from the doctor that her finger wouldn't be joined, the cause of delay on the part of school management. Strict action must be taken against the atrocious behaviour by the management.

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