Guard gets killed as he stops a man from fishing at Powai Lake

    Guard gets killed as he stops a man from fishing at Powai Lake
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    The gruesome incident of a guard being killed just because he did not permit a guy to fish in Powai Lake created sent in waves of chaos in the area. The said security guard was Shoaib Khan. Further, the police have arrested Tabrez aka Tabbu Darwez Khan and Sakin Hussain Siddiqui, the two accused in the case.

    Moreover, although it is prohibited to do fishing at the Powai Lake, yet a lot of people are said to be fishing here in an unauthorised manner. To cease this, the Maharashtra Angling Association Boat Club had hired a security agency named Moon Security Agency and handed over the tender to it. Shoaib was working for this security agency only in the capacity of a supervisor.

    And so, it all happened on the night of Monday and Shoaib and his three other colleagues were patrolling the lake on a boat. Meanwhile, Tabrez and Sakin swam to the same spot and started threatening Shoaib and his colleagues. Tabrez had also asked Shoaib not to take the fishing net out, but Shoaib did not listen to him and took the net out. Hence, this infuriated Tabrez to the extent that he attacked Shoaib with a sharp weapon and pushed him into the water. Not only this, both Tabrez and Sakin drowned the small boat carrying Shoaib’s three colleagues in the lake. Tabrez and his friend is a notorious criminal and both have been arrested by the Powai police as further investigations are going on.

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