Brave woman chases thieves; hands them over to the police

Mulund police are checking Parmar’s record and are also searching for his accomplice, who is on the run

Brave woman chases thieves; hands them over to the police

Social activist Ranjana Kale’s presence of mind helped nab a thief and a stolen mobile phone. Brave Kale chased 19-year-old Naresh Parmar who possessed a stolen mobile phone and handed him over to the Mulund police.

What’s the story?

On Wednesday evening, Mulund resident Ranjana Kale was on her way home when she witnessed two bike-borne men snatching a man's mobile phone who was walking on the road. Seeing this, she ran after the thieves, but she couldn’t catch them. Meanwhile, she boarded an auto along with the victim and started following the bikers. The latter didn’t know that they were being followed.

After a while, the bikers stopped at one place. One went to a shop while the other accused, Parmar, was checking the stolen mobile phone. Kale who was following the bikers came near Parmar and asked him how much he had scored in his HSC exams. As Kale started getting closer, scared Parmar dropped the phone and tried running away. However, Kale held Parmar by his collar but he slipped. She plunged onto him for the second time and caught him but he escaped again. For the third time, Kale caught him and managed to hold on.

Later, Kale handed him over to Mulund police, however, they couldn’t catch his accomplice who is now on the run. For now, police are checking Parmar’s record to see if he is a history-sheeter. 

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