Speak up against sexual molestation

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    Speak up against sexual molestation
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    Mumbai- Crimes related to sexual assault and molestation on women are on the rise. Hence, every college will be given training about laws related to such crimes.

     This training has been made compulsory for the 13 universities by State Women’s Commission and the colleges have to send the report by March-end. “This is been done to create awareness about internal grievance redressal committee as per the Vishakha guidelines which is sketched out for women’s safety,” said Vijaya Rahatkar, president, State Women’s commission. Students will be given information about the laws by teachers and state women’s commission.       

    Vishakha guidelines

    - Gender equality includes protection from sexual harassment and the right to work with dignity as per our constitution.

    - Extra hazard for a working woman compared her male colleague is a clear violation of the fundamental rights of Gender Equality & Right to Life and Liberty.

    - The safe working environment is a fundamental right of a working woman.

    - In no way should working women be discriminated at the workplace against male employees. (If a woman is, then it must be documented in company policies, for example, limitation of women in police and armed forces.)

    - Working with full dignity is the fundamental right of working women.

    - The right to work as an inalienable right of all working women.

    - The Vishakha judgment had recommended a Complaints Committee at all workplaces, headed by a woman employee, with not less than half of its members being women. All complaints of sexual harassment by any woman employee would be directed to this committee. This is significant because an immediate supervisor may also be the perpetrator. The committee advises the victim on further course of action and recommends to the management the course of action against the man accused of harassment.

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